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Ensuring effectiveness and high social engagement

Our main goal is to provide cutting-edge services in mobile entertainment, offering high-quality content and innovating products to ensure effectiveness and high social engagement. Excellent performance leads to sustainable monetization. As we like to say “The best ideas are the simple ones”


Winfuzz is a prize winning lottery platform that is based on skill and prediction. Based on our patented game centric platform winners are determined through the most transparent method on the web. Its simple :

  • Select your Prize
  • Select your Index
  • Select your Numbers
  • Show your Skill

May the Fuzz be with you!


  • Predict and compete for attractive prizes in the first international Stock Market Index contest app.
  • Predict the next trading days closing values of 3 international stock market indexes
  • Predict the first 2 decimals of each stock market index closing value
  • Check how you have performed If you have predicted correctly you have won the contest.

It is so simple!

Prizes include Smart phones, Notebooks, Tablets, TV’s, Cameras, Gadgets etc.


“finally competitions you can trust”

Mystery Scratch

With mystery scratch you get to win a lot of amazing prizes, you just have to complete the puzzle. Every time you scratch the mystery card, you get a piece of a puzzle depicting a part of a great prize, collect all pieces of a prize and it is yours.

Every scratch is one credits, get more credits to get more chances to win the great prize!